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Kelly Kits

Recently I got a kit in the mail to review and when I got the box/container out my kids kept bugging me until I opened it up. As soon as I opened it up they seen all the craft items and wouldn’t leave me alone until I put everything out for them to build a craft. We ended up getting 2 sticky pads, colored tissue paper, yarn, feathers, and scissors. It worked out great that there were enough crafts in the kit for each of my kids to be able to make their own. Here are pictures of the kit and what my kids made of it.

Any time my kids make crafts I put paper underneath. The paper is usually recycled from delivery packaging. I sat back while both kids had a blast making their Kelly Kollage. My son hurried through his (his is on the right with some bare spots showing) while my daughter spent about an hour making hers just perfect and making sure the entire thing was covered. I love the fact that I can either help them with it or let them do their own thing. This is something that I would recommend getting if you have kids that love making crafts.

You can buy your kits for a year where a new kit comes right to your door every month or by monthly. Click HERE to head on over to their website.

Kelly Kits encourage art play using a wide variety of creative tools & materials beyond what coloring books can offer. The Original Kelly Kit comes complete with one set of five unique activities that cover the five art disciplines: painting, drawing, sculpting, printmaking, & collage. Each kit contains all of the tools & materials needed for the activities, the user just needs access to a kitchen! To increase functionality for homeschooling parents, each activity includes an instruction card with an enrichment idea to adapt the art activity to a school lesson. Kelly Kits are designed to encourage creativity & teach!

Check out their Facebook page by clicking HERE to grab your free kit by just paying shipping. Also they have giveaways and contests on their page.

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